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Boka upp 19:e September i Göteborg – Mer info kommer snart

What is it that determines if you and your business succeed? – The ability to win business in the short and long term. There are a number of factors that regulate, but overall, it is all about being better than other companies that compete in your market. In this increasingly digital world, where everything is becoming connected, manufacturers are experiencing unprecedented levels of globalisation, competition and complexity. This makes it harder for them to do business than ever before, but at the same time creates new opportunities that have never existed before.

To meet those challenges, and those opportunities, manufacturers must transform their businesses by connecting the way they design, make and sell things and create new revenue streams that add value beyond just products.

But its often difficult to know how and where to start this transformation.

We have an online assessment where you will receive a personalized report of your readiness in the five key areas critical to competitive advantage, plus some suggestions on improving your readiness.












Industry 4.0 — Where do we start?

Åsa Fast-Berglund, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola


Convergence of Design and Manufacturing

Asif Moghal, Manufacturing Industry Manager, Autodesk

What can be done to achieve competitive advantage

Kristin Ryberg, Quality & Environment Manager at Berendsen

Mattias Kuduk, Virtual Design and Construction Manager at HAKI Scaffolding

Arash Moini, R&D Manager at Permanova Lasersystem


Exhibition area / Liseberg Foajé

Track 1: Users

This trail is for you who use Autodesk's manufacturing industry software. Here we will show the latest features in Autodesk's latest release, as well as show you shortcuts to easy communication with internal and external project members. We finish the user track with a lot of tips and advice primarily about Inventor, to find more effective ways to work. Our hope is to bring you inspiration and tools that make it easier for your everyday work.


Product Design and Manufacturing Collection 2019
– What’s new
Lieven Grauls, Technical Manager Design & Manufacturing, Autodesk


New ways to improve your internal and external Design Collaboration
Lars Nystrom and Peter Van Avondt, Technical Specialists, Autodesk




Be more productive with your Inventor and the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection
Lars Nystrom, Peter Van Avondt, Thomas Larsen and Rikard Levenstam, Technical Specialists, Autodesk

17.45 ...

Network and Dinner

Track 2: Leadership

This is for you who are in the leading position in the manufacturing industry. As CEO, Development Manager or Technical Manager you are facing challenges and decisions that affect the company's competitiveness. The drive to ensure that the company is not discouraged by competitors is balanced against the requirement of short-term return for new improvement measures. With the help of interesting lecturers and an interactive workshop, we hope to provide you with inspiration and tools that will facilitate your work to increase the company's competitiveness.


What’s the recipe for world leading innovation in an old industrial company?
Klara Magnusson, Digital Innovation Manager, Volvo Car Group


The future is not what it used to be
Dr. Bengt Järrehult (Dr. Beng)


Asif Moghal, introduction to digitizing your business




Workshop - Digitising Your Business
Asif Moghal, Manufacturing Industry Manager,

17.45 ...

Network and Dinner

Speakers & Presentations

We’ve made the presentations from our event held in Gothenburg on May 15th available to download for those who did not have the chance to attend.
If you like what you read and would like to discuss more click here to have an Autodesk representative contact you

Åsa Fast Berglund

Chalmers University Produktion 2030

Industry 4.0 - Where do we start

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Åsa Fast-Berglund is an Associate Professor at Chalmers Technology University and works with automation strategies for final assembly. She leads Stena Industry Innovation Lab (SIILab) connected to Smart Industri. Åsa’s research group are trying to digitize and automate the entire chain from product development and manufacturing to final assembly and automate mounting and transportation by using collaborative robots. They are also reviewing the interplay between IT-systems and IS-systems should work.


Lars Nyström

Technical Sales Specialist

Virtual Reality

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With a true interest of discovering how and why things work and a with a genuine passion making things, the past 12 years of delivering tailored solutions to a broad range of Manufacturing customers, makes days move by fast.


Lieven Grauls

Sr. Technical Manager, Autodesk

Product Design & Manufacturing Collection - What's new 2019

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Lieven Grauls has a Master of Industrial Science, Electro –Mechanics (Belgium). He started his career as a software developer for 2D and 3D CAD applications at Siemens. He worked in an engineering office for 2 years and moved then back to the CAD/CAM software industry where he implemented CAD and CAM solutions in several organisations like Samsonite,  Atlas Copco Airpower (Belgium), Fokker Space, Barco (CAM project), …
Joined Autodesk in 1999  as an Application Engineer for the Design & Manufacturing Industry and is since 2008 Technical Manager Design & Manufacturing for Northern Europe and Central East Europe.


Asif Moghal

Sr. Industry Manager, Autodesk

Future of Scandinavian Manufacturing

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For the last 15 years, I’ve worked for Autodesk and, in my current role of Manufacturing Industry Manager, regularly meet with amazing customers from all over Europe to learn how they bring their great products and value propositions to market, and the challenges they face in differentiating and competing in our rapidly changing world.


Dr. Bengt Järrehult (Dr. Beng)

Chalmers University

Beslutstagande under osäkerhet

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After 11 years in Germany and Southeast Asia working at Akzo Nobel, he joined SCA in Gothenburg in 1997, where he later became a director of innovation and knowledge management. Bengt started to work with ideas management, creativity and innovation, which he has done full time in the last 12 years. Today is Bengt a Professor at Chalmers. His specialty is to work with conditions that foster more radical breakthrough innovations in line with daily development activities. Bengt received the attribute "Dr. Beng" in China where he worked for periods.


Mattias Kuduk

Virtual Design and Construction Manager, Haki Scaffolding

Digitalisering för HAKI

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Mattias Kuduk (Virtual Design and Construction Manager) will talk about the challenges they have met when transitioning from a product to a service business model, why they are doing it and what they expect to get out of it.
HAKI has been an established name in the scaffolding industry for more than 50 years. Allthough that has given them plenty of knowledge and experience within their field, HAKI is always looking for the next way to improve to stay ahead of the competition.
HAKI Is working towards offering a PaaS (Product as a Service) business model and one of the steps in this journey is to make the customer able to configure a scaffolding system directly on HAKIs WEB-page.


Arash Moini

R&D Manager at Permanova Lasersystem

PLM in a small laser company

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Arash has been working almost 20 years with product development and Engineering in different industries including mining, welding and oil & gas.
He is currently in the position as R&D manager at Permanova Lasersystem where he is part of the management team and responsible for the digital strategy while also leading the PLM-journey.


Rikard Levenstam

Technical Specialist, FutureGroup

Inventor HSM Automation

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Technical Specialist at FutureGroup. Experience with CAD/CAM software and specialist with Autodesk software and optimisation of production processes.


Thomas Larsen

Technical Specialist, FutureGroup

Factory Design with Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

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Technical Specialist at FutureGroup. Experience with CAD/CAM software and specialist with Autodesk software and optimisation of production processes.


Peter Van Avondt

Technical Specialist, Autodesk

1. Be More Productive with Inventor iLogic
2. New Ways to improve your internal and external Design Collaboration

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Technical Specialist at FutureGroup. Experience with CAD/CAM software and specialist with Autodesk software and optimisation of production processes.


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Date: May 15th 2018
Time: 9.30-17.45
Network and Dinner
Where: Lisebergsteatern, Gothenburg

Join us on this event taking place in the heart of Gothenburg, Liseberg. The event will be held in Lisebergsteatern and Wärdshuset offering two tracks – technical track for end user and innovation for management level – something to suite everyone.