Installation for individuals

Look up product keys

Product keys are codes that differentiate products and product versions. You may need them to install Autodesk products.

Find a product key

Use the interactive lookup tool to find product keys for your Autodesk products. Make sure to select both the correct product name and year (version).

If you get an activation error when you enter your product key, check that you specified the correct product (or suite) and version in the lookup tool. If you can’t get a key, please contact support.

Industry collections

Each product in an industry collection has a different product key. If you bought your product as part of a collection, use the lookup tool to find that specific product.

If you bought your product as part of a suite (for example, Autodesk Factory Design Suite), the same product key is used to activate all products in the suite. Use the tool to look up the name of the suite.